Closing ceremony for Erasmus + Video Art in Athens I Video

After the students of the 4th General High School of Acharnon completed their visits to other European cities, it was their turn to host their European friends. During the week of 8-13 May the groups from Sweden, Spain and Italy were hosted by our school where they participated in the last workshop on mobile phone applications and by the families of the Greek students who offered true Greek hospitality. During their stay, they visited «Arogi», the Center of Creative Employment for Children with Special Needs, they followed a guided tour of the Acropolis and its Museum, tasted traditional Greek dishes, went on a day trip to Nafplio, Mykenes and the ancient theatre of Epidavros, which left a lasting impression on everyone.
The highlight of the meeting was the closing ceremony of the programme which was held at the Town Hall on 11th of May. Representatives from the town council, educators from the local schools as well as from other European countries such as Cyprus, Turkey, The Czech Republic and Rumania, representatives from the Parents and Teachers Associations and the parents of the participating students honoured the event with their presence. The programme was presented from its beginning in 2014 to its end in 2016 and the awards were presented to the winners of both the internal and external video competitions on diversity. The first award of the internal competition was presented to the Italian team for their video «The Long Journey», while the first award of the external competition was presented to a Swedish entry with the title «Equality Unites» by John Håkansson& Simon Blomgren. The night ended with a Syrtaki dance by all the teams and with the promise by all to keep the ties that were formed during the last two years.


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