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4o Geniko Lykeio Acharnwn

4o Geniko Lykeio Acharnwn is a secondary 2nd level general studies school with 360 students from the ages of 16-18 and 25 teachers.

The school has two departments which offer students the opportunity to follow two fields of study a)humanistic studies  b)  scientific studies and prepares students for a higher education.

The school has a theatre group, a lliterature group,  an environmental group and takes part in European programmes.  It has a diverse student body from various ethnic origins (Russian, Albanian, Georgia, The Ukraine) and has experience in promoting intercultural dialogue.


FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI is a human capital organization whose mission is the development of people and improvement of organizations. With more than 15 years of experience, nowadays, FFE has more than 100 professional workers (36 associated worker, 50 management and administration professionals, 80 trainers) with different profiles that include from consultancy, training and human resources management, trainers, administration … FFE has seven trainer centers. Activity areas: occupational and continuous vocational training for employees, unemployed people, people at risk of social exclusion,..; consultancy and advisory to companies; management by competences; selection and evaluation of human resources; employment training plans; local development projects; professional guidance and advisory and support to learning. FFE has a wide experience in transnational cooperation projects for the research, development and innovation in the improvement of competences.

FFE is a VET provider with more than 20 year experience in the development of competences and skill (technical and soft skills). FFE has also a big experience in participating in EU projects (ERASMUS +, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Transversal KA,..) as beneficiary organisation and also as partner.

FFE rules a Municipal school, The PCPI of Barakaldo who is engaged to this project because it is a first step vocational training center whose students are the participating subjects in the project.

Liceo Classico Stabili Trebbiani

Our school Liceo Classico Stabili Trebbiani is an upper secondary school with 1,100 students and 80 teachers .  The students are ages between  13 and 19.  It offers four courses of study: Liceo Classico (core subjects: Latin and Greek) , Liceo Linguistico (core subjects: foreign languages), Liceo delle Scienze Umane (core subjects: Sociology and Pedagogy)  and Liceo Economico Sociale. (core subjects: Sociology and Economics)

Over the past years our school has taken part in many Comenius projects cooperating with other schools with the scope of reinforcing the idea of European citizenship through interaction between different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. 

With this perspective in mind our school  organizes:

1)  various student exchanges, language study courses abroad  every year in all the European countries of which languages are taught in our school.  (England, France,  Germany, Spain, Malta).;

2) Intercultural projects with European and other world-wide countries   (France, USA, Russia, China, Ireland, Mexico, Canada),  where our students have spent periods from 6 months to 1 year;

3) our school has also hosted students from all over the world (Ireland, USA, Australia).;

4) our school is accredited as a CLIL teacher training school and holds courses for the formation of CLIL teachers.


Nösnäsgymnasiet is located in the town of Stenungsund about 45 kilometres north of Gothenburg at the Swedish west coast. Stenungsund has about 25 000 inhabitants and it is still a growing community. Nösnäsgymnasiet is an upper secondary school with both vocational and theoretical programs. The pupils are able to choose from 16 different programs for the studies.

There is about 1 100 pupils at the school and 130 teachers. The pupils come from the local area but also from the islands around Stenungsund. The school is located near to the ocean and there is a football field, an ice hockey arena, a swimming pool, a gym and other areas to do sports like wrestling, hand ball, basket and so on, close to the school. The school is and has been involved in several international projects, a lot of European projects but they also worked with organisations from China, South Africa and Argentina.

Multitrab Productions

Multitrab Productions is an urban non-profit company based in Athens and aims to promote the work of greek and international artists as well as to organize and implement actions related to digital arts and digital culture.

Promoting digital arts nationally and internationally in principle, contributes to the support of new artists and the creation of collaboration networks with recognised artists. Athens Digital Arts Festival, which is framed through a series of parallel actions accomplished during the whole year, is its main field of action.

The company realizes the production, organization, promotion and valuation of these actions, while organizing annually Athens Digital Arts Festival in order to improve audience’s contact and familiarization with new media and digital culture.

Multitrab Productions is a certified company for the organization of seminars, talks, conferences, workshops & festivals.


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